Cannonborough/Elliotborough Neighborhood

Known as the “gateway to the peninsula”, Cannonborough and Elliotborough were once two separate boroughs but are now considered one. This section of Charleston along the Spring and Cannon corridor is home to both trendy and established dining, boutiques, and bars.  Cannonborough was originally named for Daniel Cannon, a lumber mill owner who settled in the area. Elliotborough is named after Colonel Bernard Elliot, planter, and member of the Provincial Congress dating to the early 1780s. Of historical importance, Elliotborough’s Line Street is named after a War of 1812 fortification whose remains are no longer visible. During the mid-19th century, the boroughs thrived with both Irish and German lumber mills and shipping workers and their families. Some historic buildings of note include the James Sparrow House built in 1818, the Karapeles Manuscript Museum built in 1858, and the Charleston Fire Department Station 6 built in 1885.

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